Not one to compromise on quality, we fabricate our jewelry pieces from only precious metals- 14 Karat Solid Gold and 18 Karat Solid Gold to ensure your jewelry is built to last and passed on as treasured heirlooms. Our pieces are available in Yellow, White and Rose gold.

We DO NOT use gold plating or gold vermeil in our jewelry pieces. 


Are all gold jewelry the same? What is the difference between solid gold vs gold vermeil or plated gold? How is 24K gold different from 18K gold? What does it all mean?

Gold jewelry can come in many forms so let's break it down: 


  • Solid Gold
    As its name suggests, solid gold jewelry is made from solid gold. It ranks the highest in quality and has the highest gold purity. As such, owning solid gold jewelry pieces is an investment because it retains its high value forever and thus can be passed on as heirlooms, recycled into new jewelry pieces or you could even resell it. Unlike gold vermeil or gold plated jewelry, solid gold does not wear-off. Meaning it can be worn all day; during showers, exercise and household chores without having to worry that your gold jewelry is going to wear-off. 


  • Gold Plated
    Gold plated jewelry is made from a base metal (such as copper, brass or nickle) and coated with a very thin layer of gold. Since the gold content in gold plated jewelry is low, it holds a low value. Although gold plated jewelry may look like real solid gold, over time the gold will tarnish and wear-off. This eventually leads to the exposure of the base metal colour, which may also leave a color on your skin, and may give you an allergic reaction. Gold plated jewelry cannot be worn in water because water will cause the gold coating to wear off completely.


  • Gold Vermeil:
    Vermeil is a specific kind of gold plating. Vermeil jewelry is specifically made from sterling silver and coated with a layer of gold. Since the gold content in vermeil jewelry is low, it holds a low value. Just like any gold plated jewelry, vermeil may look like real solid gold but over time the gold will tarnish and wear-off; eventually leading to the exposure of the sterling silver base. Vermeil jewelry cannot be worn in water because water will cause the gold coating to wear off completely. 















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Karat refers to gold purity. 24 Karat gold is 100% pure gold and is an extremely soft metal. As such, it is not ideal for fabricating jewelry because it will bend, get easily scratched, and will not retain its shape. For this reason, solid gold jewelry is strengthened with other alloys (an alloy is a metal that is combined with gold to increase durability), to increase its hardness and durability structurally.


14 Karat Gold

  • Made of 58.5% pure gold.

  • If you regularly exercise or work with your hands, 14K gold jewelry may be the right fit for you. Compared to 18K gold, 14K is more resistant to scratching and scuffing because it has a higher percentage of alloys mixed together with gold, to make jewelry harder and more durable (however, jewelry must always be worn with care to avoid damage).

  • More affordable than 18K gold.

  • Popular in the U.S.

  • Available in VLT main jewelry collections

18 Karat Gold

  • Made of 75% pure gold.

  • Popular in Asia and Europe.

  • Available in VLT Privé Collection and VLT Custom/ Bespoke Designs.

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