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VLT - an acronym for VAULT.

Founded by our voracious passion for jewelry design and being able to transform the creative mindset into wearable pieces of art to encourage refined self-expression. All about unique design, superior craftsmanship and high-quality materials, VLT cultivates a sense of enrichment for those who seek the unconventional aesthetic. 

Every VLT jewelry piece is handcrafted in 14K or 18K solid gold.  Elegant and minimal, yet designed with a versatility that ensures each jewelry piece is able to be styled up, worn by and suited to all personalities, elevating any look on the daily even with the most minimal of efforts. Wear each piece alone to achieve a minimalistic chic, or stacked over each other for a bolder edge.


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LEONIE, HEAD DESIGNER. As Creative Director, Leonie oversees the creative aesthetic and leads the design of VLT jewelry and a tight team of craftsmen. Leonie has always had a knack for art and design, excelling at Fine Arts and Graphic Design in Melbourne. Knowing her strengths in design she  pursued Graphic Design as her career. Leonie discovered her passion for jewelry design whilst living in Australia where she learnt jewelry handcrafting in Sydney, followed by digital jewelry design in Singapore. After several apprenticeships with leading global jewelry brands, Leonie set off to design, create and produce her own unique line of jewelry- VLT.


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LIANE heads the business operations for VLT. After spending years building her career with top global corporations in product and brand marketing, she ventured out to team up with her sister Leonie. Together the pair’s strong vision and complementing skill sets form the VLT brand.

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